I have no real good friends, I know that if I keep trying Ill stop being so introverted and connect with somebody who can relate to me
My boyfriend resently broke up with me, I really enjoyed being with him but it seems he didnt anymore and he has moved on immediatly, this hurt me, I feel insignificant, like I wasnt special enough to be missed. Although Im still sad about it I know i can do a lot better, even while we were together I knew he wasnt the perfect man for me. This makes me feel a little better
I love art, I love design, Im really good at drawing and people seem to like what I do but I know I can do better.
Basically I feel soo insignificant, I can see how my life is only starting to get better but I feel so insignificant. I know what I can do to improve and I have the tools to do so but it feels so huge and my first attempts have been somewhat dissapointing
Its no secret but Ive read so much about people who are sad and feel bad about themselves because their boyfriends ended the relashionship or because they cant see whats ahed for them and I understand completely. Except I feel that theres still things to lose and to fight for, and even if I didnt, if I had lost everything I had cared for, then I would know that I have myslef, I believe in myself and whatever I do Ill try to enjoy it fully... even if it is hard right now, cuz im only starting :)