to all the people in this universe who played their part to get me where I am today.
With all honesty, from the depths of my heart, I feel remorse for all those who stoop so low, to ruin ones life.
Actually, in solitude, I have been given an opportunity and privilege, to understand who I am.
I have learnt so many things about people however, I didn't know that there are so many miserable people out there, who can do so many vindictive, malicious, nasty and disdainful things, to me.
In light of everything I have been through, I become stronger as the days go by and yes, forgiving to those who have no respect for themselves or others.
All I have to say, is this:
I wish you people all the very best because life is too short and if you have nothing good or nice to do/say, I pity you.
I am growing taller, stronger and forgive you all because when I can reach this level, I am loving and kind to myself especially, for everything that happens which is out of my control.
How many of you can come out of a dark hole and still come out intact?
I have God on my side.
Who do you have?
Sad that we can not treat others with the dignity or respect we all deserve.
All I can say is I have made a choice to stay away from toxic souls and I feel so much peace within myself, as a result of keeping away. I do it for self care not because I dislike certain individuals.
I dislike the behaviour of certain individuals who do not care when a person (people) are in need of some genuine support and guidance.
A big hug and thank you to those who have listened and have validated my concerns. This means so much to me.
A little kindness, never goes astray.
It is a 'dog eat dog' world ~ This is not my world.