I've been wanting this for awhile. I may have worked, today, but I still got to be home early enough to enjoy a beautiful snowday looking out my apartment's only window from my futon. It had to be during the daylight hours, and it had to be a heavy snowfall with puffy flakes that pile upon tree branches. And, I have it. Just one last time.

I am going to miss this. I've enjoyed many views from this window over the years. Snowfalls, icelands, sunrises, holiday displays, moonshows, shadows of all kinds, even tropical-looking on the walls and floors from it. Favourite people coming and going. It's so my own piece of peace that I get from this window. I finally have my crystals in place so that during the day, they are bright from the light from the window, and I can gaze at them continuously and feel happy. This window is why I've stayed living in my livingroom instead of going back to the bedroom. I like open and bright. I'm going to hate leaving this space, it's so mine and has been for years and years. I'm so bemoaning the fact that I'm leaving it, certainly I don't want to. I shouldn't have to. I don't find it fair. I'm actually kinda mad.

Where I'm going is dark and cramped, quite detestable for me. I tried making a claim on the one bright spot in the house that no one ever uses. It was an odd spot to request living in, so I was surprised that it wasn't flat out rejected, but there are designs for the space, so it was still a no-go. But, I was given a basic okay to take a bit of earth in the yard for gardening after some landscaping gets done, so if I can get my claws into that, I may, MAY, be able to push for allowance to build a small summerhouse or loungeable greenhouse. Then, I could get all the brightness I want, and some privacy, too.