So the people don't believe what happened happened because i act like I'm fine even when I'm not so apparently I'm not broken enough or hurt enough by what happened when truth is it's killing me more and more each day I get closer to cutting several times I almost did I haven't been doing well for multiple reasons I read some of the comments and two of them where terrible saying I should have stayed and let him do all those things and much worse stuff to the people that wrote that f**k off cause you might be trying to hurt me but it only hurt me for a second now I could care less words don't hurt me unless your throwing actual words at me like a dictionary lol and I'm terrified of high school cause I won't see jazzy anymore and that's my girlfriend in cause you didn't know I'm pan and I'm a girl but I've been a girl my whole life lol and im just really scared we'll get separated and she's been there for me through some really tough times and so has my friend Jessica my friend Karmen thinks I don't care about others problems when I don't tell other people my problems so wtf she talking about she's the one that does that all the time shell interrupt your convo if there's something she has to say that's a little related about her but that's all I have to say for now ttyl bye