God I don't understand why or what's wrong with me. I'm a seventeen year old girl and I have a twenty year old boyfriend, a two year old little brother, an older sister & brother, plus parents(mom and step dad).I juss...I hate the way my step dad talks to me sometimes, and we're having money troubles right now, so the stress level is extra high. My mom nd stepdad both have depression, so that just sucks.

And I honestly can't stand my little brother when he cries.I hate it so much.But I do love him, I never wanted to hurt him and I wont--wouldn't! ! Ever, it's not like that.I just get agitated.And I take it out on my boyfriend.I don't know what to do.We've been dating for a year and some change and it's an amazing relationship, he takes so much shit.But sometimes, Idk about us..especially lately I've been second guessing it.

Idk what I'm tryin to say here.Fuck, just that I need help I guess.