I Feel Like I've Been Too Mean

I can see where he's coming from. I don't think he had ever dealt with anyone who liked him before, and then talking to them normally. However, I don't think he remembers I told him about me liking him at least twice before this (though it was a few years ago).

I don't know if I'm being too harsh or not. I mean, he's been ignoring my messages, never acknowledges me anymore. But, was it that bad to where I got so frustrated about it, or was I being too sensitive? I'm not sure if I've been wrong or right this whole time.
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s**t lol wrong post. this is why lack of sleep f***s u. I read one post and related it to another. my mind is fried.
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You have been absolutely horrendous towards this poor young man and you should be hung for your listless crimes. Happy now? Of course not.

You should probably just I dunno. Get over it maybe? I mean in the grand scheme of things is it really that big a deal? Again this is a completely retorical question. Of course it's not a big deal. Why do you even care?