I'm always bored and even more lonely on weekends.There's a negative air surrouding my family,I can see the anger in their eyes.I have 911 on speed dial. :/

I hope someone calls me for a job interview tomorrow.I can't understand how people can hate their jobs and complain about it.There are people dying to be in your place,you know?

I want to buy so many things and help my family.Buy my own clothes,pay my bills,start english school,etc.I am so sick of complaining and doing nothing to make it better,but things are about to change.If only I could buy friends and a boyfriend.

Another thing I absolutely hate is where I live.Brazil is beautiful,but I don't belong here at all.While everyone listens to funk,I listen to heavy metal. hahah.I need to get the f**k out of here.

Oh boy,I'm lonely!
Well,sorry for my complainings.
But if you read it so far is because you were that interested. ;)