After all these years, if there's one thing I've learned, it's that my love for you is unending. For how can I possibly look away from the beauty of your inexhaustible soul? To part from the haven of your company, where I always feel like I've returned from a tiresome journey to my cosy home? You may be full of cracks but so am I, and beyond those cracks I see a most brilliant light.
Oh friend, please, let me be the one to help you fill those faults with gold, to repair that which you cannot bear and mend your broken spirits. And if not me then, well, I hope whomever has been granted such intimate access, cares for you in the manner you deserve, and is kind to you the way you wish for. I can only come so close to you and your imperfect divinity as a mere friend, and for this my heart mourns, for my desire lies in intertwining our hearts as if they were one.
As the sun sets again every day, I feel an internal twilight of sorrow because you are not here with me, nor ever available to hold in such a way that I was never able to experience. I could never forget you, never let go of what you meant to me, so I have long accepted, my dear friend, that I will always, now and forever, love you with all my heart.