I cant do this anymore.

I hate everything about myself.
my hair, my smile, my skin, my face, my boobs, my stomach, my butt, my arms, my hands, my legs, my feet.
My personality.
My life.
I dont want to live anymore.
I just want to stay inside, so that noone can see me.
I don't want to go to school, so noone will look at me.
I want to lay in bed, and never look in the mirror again.
I want to never say a word to another human being again.
I want to chop off every part of my body I hate, but then i'd be left with nothing.
So I guess my only option is to die.
I want to die.
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anonymous user
i feel the same...but everyone hates everything about themselfs hun...so dnt worry...if you dnt like somethig about your self..change it. eat more healthily and excercise more..thats what i do...at first your too lazy..and cant be bothered...but if you join in with a group activity with people who eel like u...its so much fun and becomes ur favourite thing in the world...and its goodfor u...thats how i now fel for tae kwon-do...so try that....thiink about wat u'll be leaving beind..the things ur miss..suicide is never the answear..:) belive me...i know...:)
This is exactly how I feel. But no matter how we feel we have to be strong. If u need someone to talk to u can always talk to me
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