I'm female (18) and I'm addicted to masturbating (no I never want to stop) Its been 8 months since I've missed a day with an orgasm. I stay up an extra two hours every night to do it, and my family has no idea. I edge, I finger myself, I use a hairbrush, I use a shower head, I use a vibrating back massager, and I grind against whatever I can get my hands on. Most days I watch some porn, or listen to some male moaning, get completely naked, and start lightly flicking my clit till I get wet. Then I start roughly fingering myself. I don't let myself c*m right away, I tease myself until I squirm, I moan and bite my pillow to stop from screaming but I don't let myself c*m. Once I do let myself c*m, I dont stop usually untill I've had at least 3 orgasms. It makes feel me so good and I'm constantly horny in everyday life. Life is good and my libdo is even better