Hi, it's me Kelsi. I am unsure how to ask Jordy to give me a foot rub and what he or I both want to do with a golden moment. Here's a couple of excerpts I have been experiencing in my dreams as warmups:

"Shall I flash my boobs toward you, while you take your pants and underpants off, get naked for me and you give me a nice foot rub because my feet are sore they need extra tender loving care.or better yet, T-L-C."

"Mmmmmmmmmm (licks lips) if you rub the sole and the arches nice and slow, I promise I'll give you a treat. Well, my feet may be sore but I'm sure you can help make 'em better by rubbing the.oooooohhhhhhhh. Thanks. I see you're rubbing my feet, and I'm resting 'em on your lap. I know my feet are sore but your nice big bulge will help soothe my aching pains and maybe in turn i'll help use my feet to tenderize your meat. Just need to have some body lotion for your d**k and you'll get a nice footjob from me."

Based on my fantasy excerpts, are my bare feet really sore or am I just tricking my own daddy Jordy into thinking I have sore feet for something more sexually graphic?