our time getting an education, when one can sabotage our future at any given moment.
There are so many educated people out there who have egos as big as their #$*&!
Most of them rip people off, are compulsive liars, are ignorant and have no idea how their useless, senseless, degrading and demeaning ways , ruin peoples lives.
You deceive people with false images of how you want people to see you.
Actually, some, ( I will not mention any names here because I am so embarrassed ) who have got an education are so ignorant because they have not mastered their profession very well.
They S%6k at what they do!
Why waste so much effort and time when someone can ruin you in a blink of an eyelid.
Thanks for the pathetic judgements.
Some of you highly paid 'no conscience' 876453 should get a degree in compassion and leadership skills.
It may assist you to become better people.
You are absolutely, spot on one thing and you should receive an award for recommending a suggestion.
Most of us are wasting our precious time coming here.
Thank you for your invaluable opinion.