You felt bad for the argument, so you brought chicken strips at 11:30am. That’s before noon— defying the previous days complaints. You spent the day being lovey and trying to spend time with me. I spent the day at a calculated distance. When you left, you waited for the tears. I looked back into your eyes defyingly. I refuse to, anymore. I won’t miss you near as much. Not now. Not ever. You can fück all the way off.
I’m so tired of loving you more than you will ever love me. I’m so tired of trying to make something work that never will. I’m just so god dämn tired. I’m being serious. I want to break up, but can’t because when I look into your eyes I lose the words again.
I’m just so angry, anymore. You don’t listen to me. You don’t love me for me because you don’t know me. I can’t help but feel like a replacement for your ex girlfriend. Sometimes you confuse us, and say I like things that she actually liked. You have no idea what I like. None. You never ask, and if you happen to do so, you forget. I realize now that you recently encouraged me to cut my hair very short, just like she always kept hers. And you have been more attracted to me since.
I can’t function.