Have you ever felt

Tired in every way
struggling to carry on the day

making people hear my voice
if only I could drown the noise

'cos I have words that must be spoken
but my heart is crushed and soul is broken

i breathe in hard but cant breathe out
the love is gone my mind's a drought

its been so long I grab my blade
i cant believe i'm here again

strike down swift and strike down hard
i draw a line across my arm

i can breathe again its shear relief
for now i'm rid of all my grief

the colour's come back all though it's jaded
i no longer feel grey blank dead or faded

some would call this injury
but its just a way out for me

yet if i'm convinced that love's for real
then i'll allow my scars to heal

i just want love, some understanding
somebodies fingers to put my hand in

i need to be wanted, I want to be needed
i'm on my knees, i'm begging, i'm pleeding

sorry this is a little darker than I thought this was gonna end up

but this is how i'm feeling right now.
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*hugs* you are wanted and needed. Please see that
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