for being harmed by a medicine that is 'deemed' safe.
I want to know how they went about doing it and which lawyers helped them achieve victory.
I want to change the LAWS that are harming innocent people.
If these medicines are promoted by every 'Tom, D**k & Harry' & they have no idea about the harm they can cause, then I am afraid that everyone needs to question the safety of medicines and the policies.
It is everyone's duty to INFORM consumers of ALL RISKS not just the ones you want people to know.
Be MINDFUL of MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS schemes/programmes that facilitate towards promoting good well being.
Are they really benefitting/promoting positive well-being or adding to the conundrum of mental health issues?
You make an informed OPINION or JUDGEMENT when you GOOGLE: or RXISK.
If there are RANDOM FLAWED batches, we have a RIGHT to know about this, also!
It might never happen to you but it might happen to a loved one or someone you know.
If there are risks and changes in behaviour, it is everyone's concern.
Coincidence or fate has nothing to do with it.
Everyone who has an intramuscular injection, LA, GA or ingests a medicine, should be informed of the risks.
Too many are playing 'Russian roulette' with people’s lives.
God decides the fate of someone's life - NOT BIG PHARMA!
Perhaps, I can represent myself and achieve a favourable outcome for all.
If we can't sue the drug companies, surely there must be another avenue one can resort to.
It is not about the money.
It is about the lies we have been told.
It is about the harm that has been inflicted on many individuals and loved ones.
It is about a medicine that anyone can ingest and can be maimed or die from.
If there is no accountability or transparency from drug companies, someone has to act responsibly.
You cannot put a price on someone's health/life, but you can remedy the situation by changing the very LAWS that are harming millions of people, world wide.
Someone, please help me achieve this dream for the sake of every living being on this planet.
It all has to come to an end, one day!

Whatever profession you are in, just TRY doing it blindfolded.
See if you would be able to do your job properly.
Medicine, is no different.
If you don't have all the CRUCIAL INFORMATION, how are you supposed to know whether you are doing GOOD or BAD?
We can't keep sticking our heads in the sand.
If you risk losing your job by sticking up for someone, you may pay the price.
You could potentially be saving someone else's life by speaking up and saying what needs to be said.
It is POINTLESS staying in a profession, if you cannot do it with INTEGRITY.
GOOD MEN do the right thing even if they have to pay a price.
I know which souls I would want on my side.