My heart and thoughts are feeling as if, the nature of gravity
is trying to pull me further away from you.
But the truth is my heart could never fade these
Feelings I have for you. So, tell me if I were to
send you blowing kisses would you catch them from above.
I've read so many posts on these sites hoping somehow
they are from you, but I truly wish it really is you.

I've been craving, for moments of looking within your
gorgeous eyes, even if it's only for a few brief seconds.
My dear, where is this heading to? For so long I've wondered
if you feel that same rhythm as I do? "When can we ever be known
between us, "our secret silent whispers?" Instead of written posts,
sweetheart let's silently let us be known just between you and me.
I so much want to stop this guessing within myself, and finally
be resolved within your sweet kisses. We could cuddle for a few moments.

My dear friend, are you slowly letting go of my grasp? You know I
would never make you feel uncomfortable, nor could I ever make you
Feel the same. I really wish to know what you truly feel. Maybe I'm just
so into you, but I sometimes feel like holding you close, and I want
to express these feelings I have for you. Sometimes, I just feel
like letting these feelings go, but my heart can't let them go.

My dear, just know I truly care for you so much. Look outside up
into the sky, and the first star you see tonight, or any other night
know that I'm blowing kisses to you hoping that you can grasp
every one of them. Sweetheart, could you let me know if you
can "grasp my blowing kisses." Just close your eyes and feel
my lips softy touching yours. . xoxo

( ( ( ( ( You know who ) ) ) ) ) ;)