I hope you're doing well? I wish one of these days soon I could find on my phone a text from you. I just want to know how you're doing; how your weekends are, further, have you seen any movies lately? Are you at a new place? Or are you talking a permanent break? The break I believe that you really deserve, because you worked so very hard as I've seen before. I really wish we could finally meet somewhere for lunch so we could talk about anything, most of all so I can see your beautiful face, smile, and Your sweet laughter. And of course look into your gorgeous breathtaking eyes. But for now if you can't I understand. My dear friend; I was just hoping maybe for a little text message from you just to know everything is well with you.

I still think of you from time to time, even on my busy days you always come across my mind, I really hope your doing fine. I hope you're enjoying the summer. To tell you the truth, I really was worried about you that day that it came to an end. It just happened so suddenly, and what made it worse was you didn't even know, and came back to a complete nightmare. That's what bothered me the most was how hurt you must of felt. I thought of you a lot, imagined how hut you felt wondering if you were ok. I just wanted to comfort you so much that it hurt me that I couldn't. I knew there was nothing I could do , but what I did do was pray for you. Even now I still pray for you that things are going well for you in every aspect.

Have a wonderful day, ;)

From (((( You know who ) ) ) ) "