I have woken up this morning with the craving
of holding you close. I wish I could tell you
just how much I really want to caress your
gorgeous face while I look deep within your
your amazing pools of beautiful green / blue.
I really wish you knew that I'm craving to softly
kiss you.

Could you answer this question? Would you want
me to whisper softy to tell you secretly of how much
I really care? Or would you want me to tell you through
my silent whispers while I'm gazing within your eyes?
My dear friend, could you slowly dance within my eyes
as their dancing with yours?

All I'm asking for is a few beautiful moments
with you, even if it's only for just a second looking
into your gorgeous eyes. Hearing your voice is like
hearing a beautiful song. Watching your walk always
impresses me with this feeling of, wanting to hold you
close and kiss you all over.

( ( ( You know who ) ) ) ) ) ) " Have a wonderful day.