I thought of you very early this morning.
I wish I could tell you warmly from where
you are at right this minute, of how much I care.
I'll be redundant, because there's no other way
to carry the sound of my words to your heart.
But my dear friend I will soon get to tell you
when I'm standing close enough for you to
hear the sound of my heart beating just for you.

The second I walk through the door way,
just know my thoughts are going to be filled
with warmth of wanting to kiss you, and hold
within my arms. You just don't know how much
I adore looking into your gorgeous breathtaking
eyes. Each time that I do, I'm walking on clouds,
and I feel like, as if I'm into this beautiful fantasy
a gorgeous dimensional world. ;)

From (( You know who ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) "xoxo