My dear, I have woken up this morning thinking of you. I was craving for a tender hug from you. Sweetheart I'm always craving for your lovely touch even if it's just a little tap on my shoulder, or even a one second touch on my arm will make my day.

My dear, I'm on my way to see you the most beautiful and gorgeous person in the whole place. Everything about you is so impressive, your beautiful face, as well as your gorgeous eyes that always makes my heart twinkle with fuzzy feelings that has your beautiful name written within my heart.

I'm on my way to hear your voice of beautiful lovely sounds.
No matter what you say it always comes out just right, because it's coming from your amazing voice. Everything about you is so beautiful even your cute walk that I like watching every few moments. Your such a beautiful person. The only reason I feel, sense, and see this is because of everything that you are is truly beautiful inside and out.

( ( ( ( You know who ) ) ) ) ) )
Xoxo .