God's probably going to smite me now...

I really don't want to go to church...I believe in God and everything, but I don't want to go and listen to people talk and share their feelings about God.I'm sorry but I think that people who just have their utter faith in God and God's power are just ridiculous.I used to be that way till I realized if God is wonderful and really cares about people then why are there inoccent children who are starving and are suffering with things like rape, death, and illness.You can't tell me that there hasn't been someone praying for this to stop.The only way I see it is that praying is not going to solve anything the only way to solve these problem are the people that go in and help these children.Not to be mean, but don't thank God for that, thank the people who earned money and organized with all their might to bring these suffering people hope.

Got sidetracked...You can bash me or whatever, but you have to have more faith in yourself than in God.God isn't going to come and save all you from your problems.I'll live my life believing in God, but I have more faith in myself and my abilities than someone/something that people assume do.

I just dislike listening to sermons; they are talking out there behind.My parents are making me go to church today...I can't stand gung ho church radicals (which are all the people at the church I have to go to).
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You can say what you want
Bu no matter what you say
You all do the same things.
You all blame People.
You don't blame your "god"

You don't blame the one person you should
You want to make everything your fault and it's not
The Bible says he knows everything
But he couldn't stop Eve
He knew that the world was going to be messed up
But he didn't stop it

Looking at it from you're point of view
I say that's a messed up God.
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I choose to Believe =]
And im not gonna bash at you, i respect what your opinion is.
God bless
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It's alright that you feel that way. Everybody has their own faith and beliefs. And I don't think God wants us to soley rely on him anyway, or else he would've intervened in all that we do a long time ago. <3
You're scared of the smite?
Do you know what that is?
It basically shows that your belief is based on fear.

You're also picking.
Picking at the Bible, picking what you should do from it, deciding you have more faith in yourself than your god.

That's not real faith, hun.

That's also how my atheism began.
Think about it.

Think about what you're doing.
It's all or nothing.

I chose nothing.
I believe I am right.
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