You and are I are learning from each other.
You were more evolved than I.
Hence, the amazing connection.
I understand that it had to be painful.

The runner, the chaser, the process to re-union,
Preparing the self,
Anticipated meeting,
Developing the connection,
Deeper in love stage,
The Separations,
The reunion.

We did it back to front.
We had our divine reunion.
Fear held us back.
Love was always there.

Thank you, my dear twin flame, for teaching me all these lessons.
Complete solitude helps me to understand,
why pain and suffering was all part of the process.
I had to better understand myself to reach this level of enlightenment.
My soul has finally found freedom and peace.
I know you feel the same way, also.
I'm happy for you.
Final destination ~ only LOVE is real.
A great master, teacher and lover.
I will always LOVE you profoundly.
I could not ask for more : )