From Art To Garbage

I love oil paintings in the same way that I love clothes made from silk and velvet. For the most intense and rich colours with shine and depth and thickness. Like how gems, stones, crystals, etc., catch my attention and always have all my life. Shimmering and bedazzling eye candy.

But, I am no visual artist, especially not a painter. I don't even care for art, mostly. But, oil paintings have attracted me forever. Those colours! The thickness! The textures! I don't care if it's just an abstract oil painting of nothing but colours, as long as the colours are right and draw me in, I want it in my life. After going to that oil paint exhibit the other weekend with Rose at the art gallery, I've been thinking of all that I saw there, and relatively disappointed that the prints I took home, though beautiful and I'm happy to have and look at, are simply not the same as having full-sized canvases of the originals. Well, who can afford that? I could barely afford the prints. I have quickly come to the conclusion that I will one day (when I've struck it rich, maybe even by panning for my own gold :D) replace those prints with the actual paintings.

In the meantime, since you don't need much talent to gob paint and smush it all onto canvas, and since for me, if the colours are right, that's all I really need to love an oil painting, I went to the art store after work, yesterday, and purchased a cheapy starter oil paint kit, cheap brushes, a cheap pad of canvas paper, and a bit of solvent. It all came to $30.

I spent six hours just trying to get to know the paint, how it works, how the solvent works with it. It may have been six hours, but I didn't even scratch the surface of being even close to getting the measure of any of it. I likely never will, but I loved every mark I made on the papers. I was amazed at the little amount of paint I needed to fill the entire page. Like, a few pea-sized drops of oil paint, and I had a full background. But, instead of leaving it as blended background for thick colour gobs later, I started creating scenery by heavily using solvent and whiting one in. So, it now looks like a watercolour (which I also often like for both the same and the opposite reasons that I love oil). That wasn't the effect I was trying to go for, of course, but I do like it. And, I like that look done working with oil paint rather than watercolour paint (never liked using watercolour paint). I can't believe how wet it still is the next day. Later, I'll revisit it and really use white paint, goop it up, do my colour thing, and probably ruin it completely. But, I don't know what I'm doing, so that's to be expected. If it ends up working, great! Something for my walls. Which, is actually the whole point.

Instead of painting my walls, I've been peeling off glass labels of things such as personally celebrated wines, beers, spirits, special condiments from Niagara-on-the-Lake or PEI, and re-sticking them onto my kitchen cupboards. I don't know why I've never thought of doing something like this, before. I have been collecting and keeping jars and bottles as such for a very long time. Now I can toss out the bulk-makers, the jars and bottles, and keep labels, the essence of what made them collectible, as wallpaper. Also, since childhood, I've always torn out particularly eye-catching print ads from magazines, but always kept them stored away in manila envelopes. I'll even save candy and chocolate wrappers if they're shiny and eye-catching enough. But, Hey! I live on my own! Why not surround myself with the things I love looking at, showcase it all out in the open? I don't need to paint my walls! I have hidden junk that I've been collecting for ages to cover them all up with. Who cares if it would look like shittyhell to anyone else? And, now, I've experienced some things and am at an age where it's okay if I forever lose these bits of (to anyone else) garbage, because having them hidden is like it not existing anyways, and I seem to have been cool with that all of my life. So, if I move, I'll lose it all. But, I'm really used to losing things, so it might be worth being happier by having it all cheer me to look at, even if it's temporary. If I go, I'll take pictures to remind me, but I think I'll be happier actually utilizing these things now, rather than continue to save and store these things in the most pristine conditions to physically have until. . . when? Until I die and someone else throws it away, that's what.
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Love the creativity - keep looking forward and enjoy each new venture.
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