Friend Accidently Touched Daugther Inappropriately While Sleeping

Hi, I heard from a friend that was in quite an emotional state. I trust him with my life and so I am going to try to take him at his word, however, there is always a chance this is not the full story.

He said that him and his wife often will fool around in the middle of the night in what is essentially a fully asleep state. A couple nights ago his 5 year old daugther crawled into their bed. He had taken an ambien that night and was extra loopy. At some point he rolled over and put his hand down what he thought was his wifes pants only to to be woken up by a small hand removing his hand. He freaked out as any of us would and realized it was his daughter.

Apparently the next morning he talked to his daughter to figure out what she remember and unfortunately she does remember it. She told him about some random unrelated dreams and then She said it was weird because he had his hand on her bum.

He told her that daddy would never do that and that she needs to make sure to tell him if anyone ever were to do that to her. That it must have just been a weird dream.

I guess the last two days he has been a sobbing mess and his wife keeps asking what is wrong but he can't get the courage up to tell her. Good news though is that he says his daughter has been perfectly normal playing, cuddling, laughing, and yes occasionaly fighting.

My friend is a mess right now trying to figure out what to do. He hasn't told his wife. I literally have been vomiting all day thinking about their situation.

He might be a monster, I guess you never know but I know this man as well as anyone in my life and they have a great family and he is as rock solid as they come.

What should I advise him to do? Do you think his daughter will remember? Will the wheels fall off for her later in life when she connects the dots of what happened? Should my friend report himself? SHould I report him? I have no idea what to do. He said he desperately wants to take her to child psychiatrist but is terrified that the psychiatrist will report him and he is goes to jail over what was a 100% accident.

Please advise me on how to advise.
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OMG did he know the little girl was in the room?
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