I forget how much I take granted of everything.
My vision that my brother gave me by buying my first pair of glasses in 11th grade.
My friends who patiently took notes or told me what was on the board so I wouldn't fall behind.
The clothes that I have since my parents never bought me clothes from the time they inherited me at the age of 12.
Food, especially when I was scraping by.
A home since I used to sleep in the park, pretending that I was stargazing when people walked by.
The military who helped me escape from the abusive parents I had.
The car I have when I used to walk miles to get to work.
The emotions awaken when I fell in love, even if they ended up in disaster.

There's so much I took for granted and I forgot how blessed I am to have the people and the things in my life. Sometimes I forget how bad life used to be when I'm focusing on the present moment, so I'm thankful when something/someone triggers a memory where I remember that things aren't as bad as they used to be.