Do you have a Facebook friend or two that seems to get off on posting the latest death on their Facebook status, as if there's some prize in announcing it before it gets to the rest of the world first?

How many times has news of death been broken to you this highly impersonal and abrasive way? You wake up, check your "wall", and BAMB! ! ! It's right there in black and white, staring you in the face: "RIP (insert name of freshly deceased here)" or "I'll miss you (same)". The later written as if the news has already gone around and sunk in, and time has passed to reflect on how you are going to feel. Whereas, in reality, the news hasn't even had time to spread enough for thoughts of missing or longing.

Do these people just seriously get off on having to be the first to shout this bad news from the rooftops, like some braggart, or yes, town crier? Don't you have some fucking grieving to do before you, at super-human speed, fly to your computer chair and with your 100 wpm typing skills break the "bad news"? Is it really bad news for YOU? After all, now you can revel in the fact that you've just been the first source of this news for many, how uplifting for you! What a fucking hero!

I find it disgusting, especially when I woke up today and had to hear about a death of an actual FRIEND this impersonal way.