Ex Gf Messaged Me, Then I Did This

I'm married, and I have no intention of cheating on my wife. She has access to all of my accounts, I don't care if she sees anything, it's all boring work stuff anyway.

I get a friend request from an ex of mine. My wife sees, and, thinking I was up to something, pretends to be me.

this is how it went down between my ex and fake me.

ex: "I'm going to be in your area, do you want to get together for dinner or something?"

Fake me: "I'm not sure, I'm married, can my wife come?"

ex: "um, not what I really had in mind."

fake me : "what do you mean, like, you wanted to see just me? and not tell my wife?"

ex: "just wanted to say hi and see how you're doing, don't think yer wife would be cool with you seeing me though."

fake me: "gotcha, but you're FB status says you have a fiancée, does he know you talking to me?"

ex : "he's at home and I'm out of town near you, don't need to tell him every little thing I do."

fake me : " cool, so meet you somewhere? I won't tell my wife btw, we can keep it our secret = )"

ex: "nice, I'm at the Hilton, there's a restaurant there.they have good room service too."

fake me: "so you want room service instead?"

ex "might be nice."

fake me : "it would be nice to see you, all of you (wink)"

ex: ".been a while, thinking about you right now, sorta missed you."

fake me: "I missed you too, should I bring.anything?"

ex: "like?"

fake me: " got to make sure i'm safe, condoms, should I bring them?"

ex: "whoa, assumptive much?"

fake me: "room service? you missed me? don't tell our significant others? what would I expect other than to hook up?"

ex: "well, yeah, but you don't have to go right to that, where's the mystery = )"

fake me: " gotcha, so I'll meet you there about 8:30, I'll say I'm going to a bar with some friends, what room?"

ex: "609.see you there, and don't worry about getting .anything, I've got you = )"


needless t say my wife was p****d, and I laughed. I said "YOU'RE the one who friended her from my account, YOU'RE the one who flirted with my ex, if I saw the friend request first, I would have blocked her and told you about it."

She laughed after realizing there's no reason to be upset with me.

So what did I do? I forwarded the messages between fake me and my ex to her fiancée. I said, "hey, thought you should know what your wife is up to while she's out of town. PS, my wife is the one who messaged your fiancée."

I'm not sure what will happen, but hey, at least the guy knows before getting married and having to pay alimony.

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I forwarded the messages, that should count for something right? meh, i'm counting it = )
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Just a quick note, you didn't really do much. Title should be amended.
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Wow good for your wife. If my ex had done that for me, we would still be together rn.
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Good man! Keep it up!
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