Last 2 days I was feeling very sad.
The girl I have a solid crush on, was working from home.She was simultaneously attending to her bf who hurt his back very badly.

This was killing me.

Today when she came to office after 2 days.It brought a smile to my face.
I asked her to have lunch with me.She refused and said she is going to have lunch with her reporting manager.I felt very sad again.

I felt very lonely.I felt as if someone should come and take me home.I wanted to be in my bed alone and not get out of it.

Then during the office party at 5 PM.She offered me drinks.Enquired why I do not eat cake.
I became happy.

Then we spoke some more.I was happier.

Then when we were working late, I frequently went over and did some small talk.She responded with a great smile.I was more happier.

Then I realized on one project me and her has goofed up.I brought this to her attention.
We faced the music together.I felt pain because I could not protect her from this.

Then it was small talk again.We said good night with a big smile.

I was very happy again.

In the morning when I decided to write this post I was feeling very very sad.I wanted pour all my sad feelings in this post.But now I am so happy, I just couldn't.

May god bless her.May lord protect her.