Me and this guy had been best friends for a whole school year well one day he wanted to come over. i live way out in the country so i we decided that he should just spend the night. i had a boyfriend at the time we had been together for like 8 months he had a girlfriend as well they had been together for around 1 month me and my bestfriend had just finished watching Insidious and were sitting on the couch. we would kinda scoot and lean our heads together but then we would back away well he said "do you notice how we get really close and our noses touch and then we back away" and i said "i guess you know what we both want" well i leaned in and then he leaned in the rest of the way and we kissed.which led to other things after what happened we both agreed to never do or speak of it again well that didnt happen every weekend he would come over to my house and it would repeat well a few weeks later my boyfriend broke up with me then he broke up with his girlfriend over the summer and we are now together. neither of the people we were with know about this