Don't Test God.... If you believe in Him

I read so many blogs and bulletins and chain letters testing God..Testing Jesus...

people don't realize what they are doing.for instance....
The most recent one I read talks about all these famous people's untimely deaths, and how God is responsible, but then at the very end, it states that if you say this prayer, and send it to 8 people, you will recieve a miralce tomorrow.

You recieve miracles EVERYDAY you are still alive! ! ! ! Everyday you have the internet to be able to send stupid chain letters out to the entire world.Everyday you get to wake up and see your friends and family, every second, mili-second you get to take a breath and have just another slither of life with the people you love is a miracle.We are not here to test God.We are here to serve him.And everything after that is just a bonus! To say just b/c you read a chain letter and it says if you do this, God will do that, is testing him.And it doesn't mean he will do whatever the chain letter says.Don't take for granted all the miracles you get everyday.People act like this life was deserved to them.It wasn't God made everyone of us for a certain reason.We didn't deserve it.It was a gift.

Just like a child or teenager thinks they deserve an allowance or a toy.They don't.It is something their parents GIVE them to make them happy.Not because it is what is owed to them..I dunno...It just disturbs me the way people take for granted the littlest things and if they were gone, some would be devastated.

Yes, we all worry, Yes we all do at some point take things for granted, but that is one thing I strive for more than anything else.I never want to take this life or people in my life for granted.Sometimes things may get hard, but it could always get worse.And so many of us get caught up in the things that are bad, wrong, sad, that we forget the things that are good, right, and happy.

Don't put your faith in some stupid chain letter...put it in God.
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You are truly amazing!
This is what bugs me the most out of anything " God" related. I admire you, you're wise as a person and knowledged about God. I like that :)
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I agree 110% with this post. :)
God specifically says to not test him. I tested him a couple times before when I was a fool.
I told him to clean my room when I close my eyes and when I open them, the room better be clean to prove his existence...well, we all know what happened. lol
People think all the bad things that go on, is God's doing, when they are wrong. All bad things come from ourselves and the Devil....why does God allow these things to happen? He doesn't. To be evil, and to sin, is not of God. He made this world to be perfect for us, but then sin was brought in...
Miracles do happen. A miracle for a starving kid in Africa would be to get breakfast that day. miracle for you would be waking up this morning. Miracles are not always something BIG, like you winning the lottery. People need to understand that things happen for a reason.
Thank you for this post.
Those chain letters are a mockery to the Christianity belief.
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