The father was right at the time, I didn't care why the heck their 14 year old son was going to Ohio. I was just the Commissioner of Oaths signing where I needed to and stamping my little stampy on their forms. I was tuned out to what the mother was going on about. All I knew is that it was starting to get annoying when the father/spouse told her to can it, that I didn't care, that the only one who it mattered to was her.

But, when the mother spoke up in protest to him and in defense of her pride for her son, it made me take note. It's a huge deal, she said. This kid got a scholarship and this fully grown adult woman proclaimed without any hesitation that he's going to be a famous baseball player. My first reaction was to inwardly snicker. Are we for real, here?

And, now I'm home thinking about it, and I only wish that I had such a fierce parent in my corner at that age, believing in my dreams and talent with complete confidence, believing that I could have been anything I wanted. Enough, that this kid now has every chance of becoming just that! Just because of this parental support. Even if it's foolery, even if this kid never becomes that famous ball player, he's further ahead chasing his dreams at 14 than I am at 38, and he will never regret having done this, having chased his dreams. It's not like he's wasting his time, if he fails reaching this dream, he just starts over, like everyone does when they get fired or change career paths. If he has to end up living an unremarkable existence and needs to then find work to reflect it, fine, people start new careers at any age. He won't be worse for wear. It's better than knowing your dreams (yep, at that age and younger) and not knowing where to start chasing, or chasing a wad of nothing to avoid reaching dreams. This kid's mom is fully on board, he's kinda hit the jackpot there, whereas I, on the other hand, was essentially told to get real.

My mom was/is awesome for different reasons, but for this, I envy that kid.