There are people in this universe who:
For the person who keeps putting themselves down on here, I would say you are way ahead of all the rest of them. Many don't have a conscience because they think they are above the Law.
The worst offenders are those who mock good people, so that they feel and appear more superior than others. These people don't feel good about themselves. Sadly, they have to bring others down so they can make themselves look good.
They always get what they want.
There are too many people in this universe who have nothing better to do than put people down.
Some people need to look deep within themselves and be responsible for their inappropriate behaviour.
Sadly, some didn't grow up because they feel they have entitlements at the expense of others.
They don't care who they hurt.
If you are, what you say you are, I would not be too worried because you outshine those who are imposters of life.
If there are people who want to bring your spirits down, stay away from them. They are not worth your time or respect.
People who are thoughtful and kind will accept you just the way you are.