I am making a master post about this problem that is bothering me because I am deeply, deeply angry and resentful and it probably isn’t best if I take it all out on her.
Ok so my mom asked me to start tutoring my little brother because he’s in the 4th grade and cannot read. He has ADHD really badly and that’s why he is in special education— because he cannot read. He just can’t. So my mom asked me a few months ago if I would come tutor him for 2 hours a week and she’d give me $50 for it. So I said ok, no big deal, reading comprehension has always been my best subject and I’d be more than happy to help my little brother. An extra $50 each week sounds nice anyway. So I start doing it, it’s kinda tough you know cause he’s a kid and he has ADHD and he doesn’t really want to be there doing it. So every week I’ve gotta sit him down and have a convo with him about how important it is that he learns to read, because you just can’t do anything if you don’t know how to read. And he says ok and acts like he gets it, but then the next week he whines about having to do work or having to read to me. And then my mom says ok and that she gets his homework is important and that she should work with him when I’m not there, but then she doesn’t make him study his words or anything. So then every week I end up arguing with both of them— her, for not helping him with anything or making him write his words/read, and him for not taking it seriously and acting a fool when I merely asked him to do a worksheet with me. So by the end of it I’m arguing with both of them constantly, my mom is making no changes, my brother is improving when I’m there and getting worse when my mom cancels sessions (and she is constantly cancelling sessions for the dumbest reasons).
So I start asking why no one will help him with anything. Homework is easy at his level. You read the passage and answer some easy questions. No big deal. My mom revealed that her boyfriend wouldn’t help my little brother because he said my little brother is “too stupid” anyway, and that he didn’t give a shït if he graduated or not. I asked my mom why she wouldn’t help, too, but the only answer I got from her was that she was actually helping him very much (she’s not). And then when she finally admitted she wasn’t helping him, she tried to blame it all on my brother and how he doesn’t listen to her and stuff. Like. . . I don’t know if she knows this, but she is his mother. He’s supposed to listen to her. And if he doesn’t, discipline. She just doesn’t want to mess with it, so she enables him to not do his homework. It’s ok that he didn’t do any of his work because she won’t punish him or care anyway.
Then another argument comes up. I get a part time job finally, start coming to tutor at 5pm instead of 4. He starts whining about how he’s hungry all the time when I come, or when I come he’s just started eating and takes an additional 30 minutes to finish his plate. So of course that makes me mad— I’ve been at work all afternoon, why would I want to sit here and wait for him to eat when I’m hungry and tired myself? Like I’m just trying to get my one hour of tutoring with him done so I can go home and eat too. I asked her to feed him beforehand so he isn’t hangry and listens to me. She says ok. . . And it was just like when she said she’d help him do his homework. She was lying. Just saying shït to make me go away basically.
The last time I went to tutor him, he acted like a piece of shït the entire time I was there. He whined and cried about how he couldn’t do this or that. And when I left, I called out “I love you” to all 3 of them— to which none of them responded. It made me so upset I said “thanks” and just left.
So I’m not coming to any family outings as punishment. I’m not doing Thanksgiving, Christmas, none of it! She and her piece of shït family can rot for all I care.
She beat me, and only me— her first child for 18 years of my life, all while her shïtty family watched. After I put a stop to that she has continued to do nothing but torture and take advantage of me. Or get pïssed when I don’t do exactly what she wants. So she can fück off, forreal. I’m not coming to anything for her anymore. I’m not texting her back. I’m not doing shït for her or worrying about her hateful asś.
Stupid bïtch.