Because real life is awaiting me
and I can not delay.

I got through the day, yesterday, miserable and all, but sober. I did almost cave to order cannabis, but stopped mid-text.

Today is already much better, mood-wise. My dreams are confirming what I already know. My real life is getting impatient with me and needs me to join it. And, the universe is helping me stumble upon the things I need to help myself. I found a YouTuber last night who is blowing my mind a little, right now.

I'm honestly going in the right direction, even if I am stuck and mentally blocked in a certain way. I've otherwise set myself up where I CAN and AM capable, and I've been doing so all year, perhaps longer. I just have to keep doing that, following what I know is right for myself, fighting what I know isn't, and as long as I try to be a good girl and responsible as much as I can, the universe seems to step in and give me a boost as a reward. So it seems. When the block gets tackled, I'll have the rest of me all set up and it'll all fit into place. So, today, I'll just keep tidying where I can, physically, inwardly.