Okay. I am sick of racist people. I don't care what your skin color is; because you are all close-minded, arrogant and hateful. Do you know what skin color is? It is a certain amount of melanin produced by your blood cells. That is the MOST retarded reason you could wish death on somebody! Especially somebody who could be the kindest person you could be privileged to know. Skin color doesn't matter, you butts. Nor do their eye shapes, or anything else that's different from you. Holy sheet, if they have four fingers and two thumbs, walk on two legs and speak any language, they're human. More human than you intolerant lowlifes.
Seriously, where the hello do you get off, thinking you're so perfect and above them? Well, choke on this; YOU'RE NOT, you scumbags. So, shut up, smile, and get lost. And grow up.
And, if you are the person at the receiving end of all of this . . . I am so sorry. Humans are ignorant; but hang in there. Everybody's loved by someone.

Now, goodnight, racists and kind hearts alike. Peace out or shove off.