THANK YOU with sincerity, hug, smile or reassuring glance, to all those souls who have been with me, no matter how brief, along my journey. Out of all the horrible things that have happened to me, in this life, surely and with complete certainty, there have been angels who have watched over me.
In moments of trial and tribulation, I have had a few encounters that have given me glimpses of LOVE, HOPE and FAITH.
Heaven is a beautiful place.
I would of loved to stay there permanently.
I returned to this planet and at the time was not quite sure why I came back?
Looking back and knowing how far I have grown, has made me appreciate how humble I am to be alive.
I never got to say, thank you to the:
Doctor in the emergency ward for gently telling me to 'hang in there'. Who ever you are, you are an angel who came out of no where to give me these words of encouragement. As I lifted my weary head to say thank you, you were no where to be seen. Your encouraging words SAVED MY LIFE.
Then there was another Samaritan who had an enormous impact on me. To search for the TRUTH.
Through acts of love and kindness, a word, a deed, a gesture or showing compassion, can bring profound changes to a persons life.
Please, do not take the good souls who walk into your life for granted.
They are angels in disguise, doing what they need to do to assist us to a higher level and purpose.
Thank you for contributing to my life, no matter how brief our connection was.