From my new Marseille tarot deck. I haven't read through much of my learning book for tarot nor practiced any lessons, but I have handled them, and would like to get to know them. While Derek was over the other night, he asked me to read for him. I told him I couldn't yet, but that maybe I could draw one card for him. Of course, I drew Strength for him. Luckily, I know some of the Major Arcana, enough to give a basic traditional textbook meaning. I then asked him to draw a card for me.

He drew, and now my identifier is, The Ace of Swords. Since age 11, since the beginning of my interest in the tarot, I have been The Page of Staffs, according to NES and RARE.

I know nothing of the Minor Arcana, and have no knowledge, textbook or otherwise, of the Ace of Swords. I just looked it up. Wow. Very apropos.