Dear mam dear dad


All of these secrets
All of these lies
It’s been too long
No time for goodbyes

I have to leave now
I have to escape
This world has no use for me
Any help is too late

You say you love me
Pfft it’s hard to believe
When you’re sitting there smoking a tab
Hurling abuse I’m forced to receive

I only asked a question
For god sake it’s only a word
Why? Is all I wanted to know
I guess you never heard

Let’s get real of course you heard
You were just too busy whining
Shouting over me like you usually do
But hey, there’s always a silver lining

But on this day so dull and grey
Where the sky’s one big grey cloud
I can honestly say I see no lining
Your shouts echo like thunder so loud

On the other hand I do have him
Who brings a blanket of hugs and kisses
His personality fits perfect with mine
This personality is my dear Chris’s

Dear Mam, Dear dad and everyone else
Why do you want us to split?
A message to you all: get over yourselves!
This light is staying lit

When I started writing this poem
I felt so down and depressed
But now I feel strong and almost angry
I think I need a rest

Everyone deserves a second chance
Does that rule count for life?
It’s hurt me more than I was built to take
It introduced me to my old best friend, knife

But all that’s in the past now
The harm has come to an end
I m getting tired so ill end this now
Goodbye my old best friend
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:) thankyou x
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i am totally happy for you.

breaking away from such an addicting habit.

i know it's hard, but you've proved your strength.

your parents are being mindless idiots with the way they treat you.

someday, maybe, they'll see what they've done wrong. they'll regret their bad parenting skills.

but you have him and that's what matters right now.

i hope he takes good care of your heart.

Kiity :3
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