Can you see how I gaze at you? Within every glance, there is a feeling within my heart; I hope you can feel or sense every part. I see you as more beautiful than l did from the start. Every time I look at your beautiful face I have a daydream of how I'm going to whisper, and tell you how much I really care. In my daydream, I have one red rose that I want to give to beautiful you. As I walk over to you, I gaze within your gorgeous eyes without a spoken word, as I hand you the rose I slowly reach for your lips with mine. We then passionately kiss and for a moment we become one.

Then, as I come out of the daydream, I gasp trying find the right words. At every daydream moment that have of you I wish that one day they can become real. As I gaze over a few feet away from you, I think to myself just to see her beautiful smile is better than not seeing her at all.