I want to seduce your mind,
so that you are all mine.
My heart gets racy.
My body temperature rises.
My pupils dilate.
The hairs on my arms,
stand upright.

You are my temptation.
My obsession.
My cure.
Just one touch,
I go weak at the knees,
begging for more.

My hands would be,
all over you,
exploring every inch,
of your needy body.

God knows, just how far,
I would go.
I wont just settle,
for one measly kiss.
I'm hungry for more.

Your mesmerizing eyes,
would draw me in.
Just one look,
I would drown in them,
for sure.

When you are,
near me,
I salivate,
Our needs,
too demanding.
Our desire,
for one another ~ insatiable.

You are my,
weakness and you,
possess me with your,
charms and sagacious mind.

Even now, as I write,
I tremble with fear,
knowing what strong hold,
you have over me.

This is a pure love,
I can not fight.
I am your Queen,
And you are my Master.
And I am,
All yours.