Cynic The Fake

Before I leave this site, I want to acknowledge how weak Cynic is. Do not be intimidated by his idiotic/evil assumptions, lack of logic, etc.

Look at how Cynic acts when he is judged. Looked at how defiant, hypocritical, and cowardly he becomes when others put him on a pedestal to be judged.

Reference my last posts:

"Extra! Extra! Red Hot News! Cynic The Rag Doll Exposed!"

"Breaking News: Cynic Issues Statement To Secret Talk"

Notice how in one of the posts, there is a poster named "Unwavering" who somehow finds the need to post a precise and thought out rebuttal in favor of said Cynic. I've been on this site for 4 months, and never have I seen a user called Unwavering. Yet now he/she comes out to defend Cyninc? Haaa!

Cynic has multiple accounts on this site. He is an all out maniac. A lot of users on this site underestimate his psychotic, negative, violent, and bipolar behavior on this site. Cynic is the type of user on this site to create multiple accounts to make it seem like people actually support him.

I'm glad I played you like a f*****g flute, Cynic. I am a schemer, and you fell for my trick. The best thing is you underestimated my age. I am much younger than you think.

"Running in that p***y like a crash dummy," Travis Porter says in his Bring It Back song. Haaa! I'm about to head to a late night party, but I thought I would stop by and make a post! I'm about to grind on my woman and smash at the end of the night. By my woman (someone I care deeply about) I mean a girl I have been dating since I was 15 years old. I am now 18 years old, and I got accepted to a great university in this grand nation. What would you know about being loved, Cynic? Nothing.

What are you up to in life, Cynic? Posting hate on this site for 4+ years now, and you sound old as f**k as it is. And yet you'll most likely be hating on this site for another 4+ years of your life? You are sad.

The Devil is right in judging you. Your pride and ignorance will keep you on this site until it expires.

You got played like a f*****g flute.

Remember Secret Talk folks:

1) "Haaaaa!" really ticks Cynic off.

2) Your mother is a whore, Cynic. But we want to know. How long has your mother been a whore, Cynic?

3) Cynic is a He-Whore. Thank The Devil for that one. Brilliant.
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anonymous user
You're funny. Seriously funny. Like my post and comment history aren't readily available for anyone to see. Like I didn't try to "out" Cynic myself when I first joined. Like there aren't regular users of this site who know me IRL.

Trust me, if I were Cynic, I'd tell you, just to crush the dreams of people who've been here longer than I have. You haven't seen me for months because I don't bother visiting very often anymore. I have a lot on my plate lately.

My personal information has been posted on this site multiple times by one user in particular. Another user (marie/Mittensaurus/Ruedactyl/whatever else she used) moved in with me a few years ago. I keep in contact with Mopy and MisterMinutehand (who probably isn't here anymore either) as well. Gabby, Fall (yergurl23/whatever else), Kia, Gracia, Olivez, BiteMe, Tsarg, 444 (other Rob), (these are nicknames obviously). All those folks know Cynic can't be me. I thought he was Rob for a long time, but Rob's too busy not caring to bother with this place.

Why the hell do I even mess with this? I mean, nobody can PROVE anything, unless we bothered to have one of those conventions we talked about a few years back when there was something of an actual community here, and even then Cynic would have to both show up and be willing to reveal himself to a potential band of murderous webtrolls. And we'd all have to wonder if mylo would show up in the wrong mood and pummel us all into the floor. And that scarecrow guy? He's the definition of "reason you should not go there."

God help everyone if CNL showed up. Or shows up on here again. I'd rather have a thousand versions of that kid from Arizona (TQAD?) running around than even one more post from that guy.

And Devil, I still know who and what you are. You're only fooling yourself.
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A beautiful, ancient, dead horse?

I AM Βουκέφαλος!
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And the perverts and cowards will rise up in the land of the intertubes! They shall hold hands and sing the most glorious of choruses- the chorus that just keeps going, like beating a beautiful, ancient, dead horse.
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From what I know of those two----they are like fudge buddies *wink*
If you catch my drift. ^ ^

They tend to leap frog , hand in hand, the same speak too. Hahahaha
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