Ah, I can't wait to get going.

I'll be on my mini farm, first year herbs and vegetables, expanding from there. I'll have a little greenhouse and chicken coop. In my farmhouse, I'll finally have at least a couple of bunnies. I've decided that I'd also like to have a boy budgie or two, hand-raised, and I can teach him to talk.

It'll be nice to have such time and means to be able to live this way. I'll be so happy. To be there, when compared to my current situation, seems like such a far off, even outlandish ideal, even though so simple in its reality. Like, it could be so soon, if the conditions would allow and fall into place as such. But, it'll never happen if I don't first make my first major steps away from this current trap of a life. I don't want to think of that part, right now, the work it's going to take to start. I just want to imagine and visualize being settled to get me through this cold, lousy night.