I haven't been to school in a while, on-and-off days during this month that have added up to a week.I was sick, and the other time I skipped.My sociology teacher hates it when we're absent to his lesson.I'll go tomorrow and he'll question me infront of everyone where I've been, and I'll end up looking stupid saying I missed two of his lessons for being ill; it's the same reason as last time.
I've just thought, laid in bed at 2am, listening to a song by Tupac ironically named 'Don't Go To Sleep', why should I listen to him? Why should he make me feel bad for being absent? I'd understand if it was a one-on-one tutoring session, but he has 30 other kids in his class, I don't make any difference.

I'm in Sixth Form; it's the same as college, but the building and lessons are on the school site.It's not compulsory that I attend this place.I don't want to, but society keeps ensuring me, pushing and shoving me, screaming at me that I must get an education, that I must learn.11 years.11 years of my life I have spent at school, since I was four years old.I've always hated it.It's not that I fail everything, at a young age I've said to have been above the standard in most subjects, it's just being there.

I never understood it until recently, which brings me back to my earlier question; what gives another human being the right to control another human being's life? Their precious time on earth, the plans you had made, the days out, things that make you happy, have been altered and erased with no explanation.Finish this assignment, research this theory, don't talk.If you ever dare to ask, they tell you it's for your own good, because the government says so.I say fuck that.I have a life.My life is a clock, and you're wasting me, my life.I have approximately 75 more years on this earth, If I'm lucky.After that, who knows where I'll go.All my idols, my beloved parents and family, the music I love, the people who created it, they'll go too.But the population will keep growing, society will continue, kids will grow up with the same rules and values that my western culture taught me, it's a cycle.

I just want to live, and by that I don't mean parachute of an aeroplane or protest outside number 10.I just want to love myself, and my life, my mind, and do amazing things.We're just people. People out there think like me, I'm sure of it. They've been stereotyped already. Others need their eyes opening, or maybe they're working towards a goal, society's told them exactly what they need to do to get there. Maybe they wouldn't be thankful if I shared my views with them. Bam, I'm stereotyped. Already, they see my future. "we have alot of time", they say."wait until you leave school"."aren't you going to Uni?"."I think it's time you got married"."You have a partner, it's too late to do what you want now"."Let's have kids, grow old as we watch them grow up".

And like that, you're gone.I'm 16, I just want to be free.