"I think she's getting better. Does it seem like she's better?"

"Well, she's down there snoring, right now."

No, I'm effing not! Awake, so uncomfortable because I'm so feverish, I can't keep cool, but you can't see or hear that. Never mind that even though I was hunger sick, I couldn't eat much of a dang thing at dinner because of mild nausea. And, I've been so badly tired since this started, and especially since Saturday, that I'm not confident that I shouldn't rightly be in a hospital bed, right now, and this is even well into my antibiotics.

But, what I'm really sick of is hearing and feeling the crunchy, creaky, poppy, fizzy, crackling from my throat after exhaling or coughing. Fuuuu, it's gross. The sound of what I'm trying to kill, as my body tries to convert this crackle into phlegm that is expectoratable. And, the taste of these meds, infiltrating whatever the natural sick taste of this would otherwise be.

I may sound better to you, but you also thought I didn't look or sound sick last week when I took a day off and you dared tell me that I wasn't sick and should have gone to work, only to have you at the end of the same day, go "ooooh, that sounds like an infection". Yeah, you don't think? And, what do you think now, and why should anyone put any stock into what you have to say? Like, ever. Useless talking head in my face. I'm not better. I'm not snoring. I'm really effing sick.