My dear, I really long for you to hear my
Whispers of how much I really care.
How can I tell you that I love to feel you
nearby? Your sweetness and beauty always
captivates my heart whenever you are near.
I wish to tell you secretly with a gentle kiss.

How can I tell you about these feelings
that hold you close to my heart?
Many times I wanted to write you a
special love letter on paper, but would you
hold it dear with reciprocal? Or would you
think I'm crazy, and you'll never want to
chat with me again?

My dear, you can truly trust me. I could never hurt, nor
I would never cross your protocol boundaries of any kind. All I want is
to be special friends with you, and share little secret moments
of gentle kisses. Let's escape into this beautiful fantasy, just close your
gorgeous eyes image we are holding each other close under the
beauty of the moonlight above sitting, kissing, and entwining into one.

I wish you can feel and hear my silent words each time I'm
within your presence. I really want you to know, as we stand within
the little crowd just a few feet away from one another my heart feels you
close. From within watching you from afar, as I do I'm truly amazed by
everything about you. Beauty is what I see each time I see you.
everything about you inside and out is truly amazing.

Could you hear my silent whispers from over there?
I think you're wonderful in every way. I hope one day
I can privately express to you in every special way, when the time is right,
of how much you really mean to me.

( ( ( ( ( You know who ) ) ) ) ) Have a nice day. ;)