My dear friend, I long to see you again.
My heart wants to feel your warm vibes
reaching mine. Even if it's only for just
a brief moment; I'm craving for that
one last hug; the hug that faded away
before we even knew that the day has
come for us to go our separate ways.

I really wish I could just walk past you,
and say hello just like it was before. I
really do miss you. My dear, can you
please meet me in the corridors the
one straight down from where we first
met. If you can read between the lines,
I'll be there on the 4th Friday of this month;
at 10:30am. I'll definitely write another post
On the day before. Maybe we can have lunch
somewhere close by? My dear friend, could we
meet in the corridors?

Love "((((( You know who ) ) ) ) ) "