My dear, through your hardest of times, and exhausted moments could you please take a momentarily break? Close your beautiful eyes, and imagine that I'm behind you, as I slowly reach for your shoulders, and gently massage them. I'm rubbing your whole back , while I simultaneously, softly kiss the back your neck. Whispering to you, " my dear relax, would you please take this precious moment" to let me pleasure you with soft caresses?" In my daydreams, this is what I wish we could do. My dear, When you feel overwhelmed by so much work just close your eyes, and simultaneously connect with me into my daydreams. I really want you to know that I'm with you through my thoughts, and within every beat of my heart. I hope you can feel my vibes each time I look within your gorgeous eyes. They are telling you how much I really care.


"((((( You know who ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) "