Confessions Of A 15 Year Old Girl

1. I cut. Left arm, right thigh,
2. Suicidal. -March3rd
3. anxiety, depression, a.d.d, moodswings, eating disorder, anger problems, panic attacks.
4. I haven't cut in 2 weeks.
5. Throw away most of my razors.
6. Put back most of my knives.
7. I take my medicine everyday now.
8. I haven't punched a hole in anything or bruised my hands in 1 week/
9. I'm starting to be happy.
10. I don't hate myself, but i don't love myself either.
11. I don't care what people say about me.
12.Being called gross and disgusting because of my cuts doesn't effect me anymore.
13. I saved 2 people from committing suicide last month.
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anonymous user
it's cool that you're turning your life around, and trying to live a healthier life. Trying to please everyone else is the easiest way to live a very unhappy life. Maybe you could throw away the rest of your razors as well and start taking care of your body.
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Confessions of a cynic:
1) I see no particular reason to care.
2) You are wrong about point 13.
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