I’m currently comfused i don’t know if my dad is abusing me sexually but I need to know if these are signs he has touch my private part and has like I don’t know how to explain it but he would put pressure on my body and I tried with all my strength to get him off on both times he’s done this. He usually does this when my mom has to run a errand I try to lock my door but he eventually comes upstairs and knocks and gets angry that I lock the door and threatens to take off the lock. So I evantually open the door. I also sometimes ask for money and he says go down stairs and he’d give it to me but then once I get it he’s push me on there bed and make my legs separated and go up there’s other occasions that are similar to these ones liek trying to touch my boob i don’t know if this is sexually intentions or this is normal for a 12 year old and a father relationship.