Today was basil transplant day, like 2 months late. It's not really all my fault. Anyone who lives here can vouch for me that the weather all summer has been complete and absolute crap. We're talking rain almost every single goddamned day. First year since buying the thing that I didn't even set up my air conditioner. This has been anything but a summer. Plus, this place doesn't get much sun. The basil had been under an aquarium light this entire time, so far, probably the only reason they've done as well as they have. So, the basil was unlikely to stand a fighting chance out there, anyhow. But, it simply grew too much for the aquarium and had to find a new home, no matter what. But, the transplant does not look good, folks.

I used old bunny litter that I was keeping for fertilizer, and bunny's old cage for the actual container. The cage top will keep the arsehole squirrels from digging them all up. Things were going perfectly as I was mixing the bunny litter and soil, everything looked great.

But, then I discovered that I didn't have enough soil, and neither the dollar store or the grocery store downtown has any at this late point in the season. So, I just went without. Now, trying to get the basil out of the aquarium and into the cage, I think that's where I went all wrong. Let's just say, it looks dreadful. The plants are flopping, and I accidentally squished one while putting the cage top on it.

I'm hoping the spirit of dead bunny litter and beginner's luck pulls a miracle, here. If not, I know where I went wrong, and it has been awesome knowing that I got at least this far with success, and I'll be able to do it again some other year, either a better summer, or. . . Kid, I'm stealing your glorious direct-sun-all-day backyard. Or. . . Mom and Dad? I'm stealing some land in your front yard. You guys might get p****d, but you are getting too old to fight me. :P